Frequently Asked Questions

Any clothing can be embroidered, however, putting it bluntly, not all clothing will be enhanced or beatified with embroidery. Some clothing items like cotton tee shirts and many stretch items such athletic uniforms will look and feel better being customized with screen print or sublimation. Our new scientifically designed material matched vinyl, and heat press procedures is also a better match than embroidery for many clothing items. Call us or send an e-mail with details and we will advise you on your projects.

Normally we can purchase clothing items from our wholesale vendors for substantially less than you can buy them for. If you contact us with some items you would like to purchase, we can, in nearly all cases, get them from our vendors. Part of our profit margins are based on buying wholesale and slightly marking them up to our customers with the added customized services. In 95% of all cases, our marked-up price is still less than you would pay to buy them retail elsewhere. One other reason we do not provide customized services on personally owned items, is that on occasion because of machine failure or human error, we will accidently damage or destroy an item. From that incident, we inherently bear the cost of the damaged item which is easier to withstand than damaging an item of yours that you may have paid much more for. The short answer of course, is we would prefer not to do any customized work on clothing items provided by you except on rare occasions. Call us or e-mail us for more information.

Every job is different of course. We have turned out orders of dozens of hats and hoodies in as short as one week. We have seldom been over three weeks from order to delivery. We will give you an honest estimate in every case and try to meet that time span.

We target Utah primarily as we have many outstanding and faithful business partners in the great state of Utah. However, our website reaches every corner of the U.S. and if you order a dozen hats from Identity Getup and you live in upstate New York, the Texas Panhandle, or San Diego California, we will customize them, get them on the road to you asap, and welcome you as a new business partner no matter where you live.

Yes, we have 75 colors on hand and access to nearly 400 colors of thread.

Logos generally have anywhere from one color to sometimes 6 or 8 colors. The average multiple stitch logo colors are typically 1-3 colors. Pricing will be adjusted slightly with more than 3 colors. Please call us for estimates.

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