Identify your company with self-promotions. Personal branding is a way to bring customers and clients to your doorsteps. “Build It and They Will Come,” is just a popular movie title but not necessarily a good marketing strategy. With old and new customers alike, seize the opportunity when it emerges with the gift of a nice self-identifying hat, tee shirt, hoodie, etc. displaying your brand. It will open a second door and give you the opportunity to not only show your appreciation to them for their business, but a chance to introduce something new you may have to offer. We have other self-promotional items and ideas as well.


Let us introduce you to the new “Bling” thing. The All-New Spangle Elite machine creates a heat transfer image called a spangle. People say they look like a rhinestone but are virtually a flat holographic disk that changes colors as they move, remarkably like a rhinestone but much lighter, enabling you to have larger covered areas of the beautiful designs you love while keeping the weight of the garment light and the cost of production down. They are exceptionally durable with washing the garments and are extremely popular with athletic groups, cheerleading groups, as well as individual “Soccer Moms.” Contacts us for more information.


My Name is Richard Fail. I am the owner of Identity Getup and as a retired Crane Operator I erected large steel buildings for over 40 years all over the Western United States. In that business there was extraordinarily little room for error. Precision work was a must, and the Hugh cranes were kept in top shape as men’s lives were always on the line. That example and this little trooper pictured is representative of how we value our clients old and new. We use the highest quality products and I personally inspect every hat, shirt, hoodie, etc., we produce.


At Identity Getup we like to keep things simple. We buy wholesale products from U.S. companies and customize them to your wants and needs. Send us your logo or any other design and we will put it wherever you want it on the garment or hat of your choice. We specialize in embroidery and vinyl heat press including screen print sublimation, and spangle (bling) specialty items. Ball caps, hoodies, coats, and tee shirts are our base products, but we can do most everything to serve your needs. Call us or e-mail us for pricing. As an example, in pricing in ball caps, we factor in the cost of the hat and the add the cost of the embroidery in terms of amounts of stitching involved in the logo. Our low-end total cost for a nice cap with a single company logo is about $12.50 plus sales tax and shipping. Our high end seldom will be over $15.00. For more details, please call us or send us an e-mail.